Coconut Sweet Potato Soup

Just a few days ago I went on a bicycle tour with a friend around my hometown. We went uphill, downhill, uphill, downhill … typical burdens when you live in a mountainous rural area. That’s why I prefer Berlin😀 Anyways, it was so much fun and after 4 hours of cycling, we enjoyed having a picnic with a beautiful view onto the lake. We packed all our picnic snacks including my avocado potato salad .

My friend had bought an organic dip with red lentils and coconut flavor. Seriously, this dip was so amazing! I learned the ingredients list by heart and just one day later I stood in our kitchen to cook something with red lentils and coconut milk.

Since I did not have soup for a long time and I also wanted to use some sweet potatoes, I decided on a coconut sweet potato soup with red lentils. This soup tastes really similar to the original dip and I think this will become of my favorite autumn recipes🙂



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Avocado Potato Salad – with 4 Ingredients

It feels a bit like a deja-vu because a few weeks ago I already posted a recipe for a potato salad with asparagus and strawberries. This time, it’s a different salad even though the main ingredient is still the same😉.

If you ever wanted to have a speedy and delicious lunch or dinner ready for that you do not have to buy a bunch of ingredients, this avocado potato salad is likely to be the best choice. You should just make sure that you have an organic supermarket nearby or the Kala Namak salt already in your kitchen storage. That’s a secret ingredient you really do not want to miss! The cool thing is that this salt really smells and tastes like boiled eggs. It’s unbelievable! So if you do not consume any eggs, this salt is the ultimate egg substitute.

Otherwise, this recipe is really simple and self-explanatory. You should just enjoy this nutritious salad as a side for your barbecue, picnic, lunch box or any other snack.



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Almond Butter Plums

You know why I love summer so much? Because there is so much good food everywhere: lots of fresh strawberries, cherries, berries, plums and so on! I really like to do picnics in the park, have a nice dinner with friends outside, good wine, music, and happiness.

Normally, I do not buy plums because I rather prefer sweet strawberries. A few days ago I was at the supermarket but there were no strawberries so I decided to try something “new”. Influenced by the huge sales offer, I picked 1kg of plums. Eating them right away is very tasty but for 1kg it will get boring (even for me). So why not bake them with an almond butter filling?

Yes, this was a great idea🙂 Super easy and speedy! And the plums give a really nice addition to your dessert or breakfast. Almost every day I eat nicecream for breakfast and today I enjoyed it with my new special topping: almond butter plums.



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Raw Summer Carrot Salad with Basil Avocado Pesto

Yesterday I had this great carrot salad for lunch. Actually, it was more like a “Carroti Avocadonese” if you want to call it like that😉 It’s only two years ago that I bought a food spiralizer for making zucchini noodles and yesterday was the first time I used it to prepare carrot noodles. It worked out quite good and definitely looks amazing and not so boring like grated carrots. Adding the basil avocado pesto gives the salad a nice creamy taste. Later, I also topped the salad with some feta cheese crumble to add it another great flavor. I am definitely in love with salad and it will be packed for the next picnic at a lake🙂.



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Potato Salad with Asparagus and Strawberries

It has been a while that I bought “normal” potatoes. Most likely you will find some sweet potatoes in my kitchen which I use for a creamy sweet potato coconut risotto, crunchy fries or lots of other delicious meals. A few days ago I discovered a recipe for a potato salad on Deliciously Ella’s blog. I was excited to try something new, so I came up with this potato salad with asparagus and strawberries😉

What I love about this recipe is that it takes just 10 minutes to prepare everything and you can easily pack it as lunch for work or for a picknick in a park. What is your favorite summer salad? I really like to mix my salads with sweet fruits like strawberries or mango.



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Strawberry-Date-Caramel Cake

Strawberry-Date-Caramel Cake is my newest creation, totally mouthwatering and definitely a “Must”-dessert during the strawberry season. I think I will never get sick of strawberry cake with a creamy vanilla pudding filling inside but having a great alternative to that one does not hurt at all. On the weekend, I developed this recipe and it turned out three little strawberry cakes. So good you can freeze them and I still have one left for that moment I am desperately craving a sweet yummy dessert  ;-D

In case you don’t like strawberries (what seems totally unlikely), you can easily substitute them with other berries like raspberries or blueberries. Maybe cherries or peaches are fine as well, but you would need to test that yourself😉 Or mix everything … there are so many opportunities. Anyway, let me know if you tried my recipe.



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Vanilla Strawberry Mango Smoothie

The second day in a row I prepared a refreshing smoothie after my daily morning run. It’s so quick and easy to prepare and absolutely tasty. While writing this down, I just thought about whether my drink is a smoothie or a milkshake? What’s the difference anyway? Well, I googled the terms and it seems like a smoothie is just a puree of fruits and other ingredients like milk. Instead, a milkshake contains ice cream. I think the terms are really misleading, milkshake should be rather renamed to ice cream shake😉 That’s enough of theory for today!

When you are looking for a refreshing cooling smoothie, you should freeze the fruits in advance. After my run, I froze them quickly while taking a shower. For the next time, I try to remind myself to freeze the fruits beforehand, so the drink is cooler and has a thicker consistency.



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